Not all financial organizations offer immediate response credit. In addition, when you need fast credit, you should know that:

  • The first immediate response for a loan is a policy response.
  • You must then provide a complete file, signed with the supporting documents requested.
  • The study of the complete credit file brings a second definitive answer.
  • In the event of final agreement, the money of a fast loan is transferred to the count from the 8th day following the date of signature of the contract.

Credit with immediate response: the first response is non-binding

Credit with immediate response: the first response is non-binding

When you need immediate credit and ask for a consumption report, you want an immediate response. This is the reason why all the major credit agencies have implemented an immediate response credit system. This is far from the case of banks, as we saw during our comparison of online bank credit.

The stages of a loan

The first immediate response is a policy response. This means that the credit institution still allows itself to reverse this response. To fully understand how the system works, you need to know the steps to apply for a loan:

  1. Choose the fast online credit you need (type of project, amount and duration)
  2. Complete a credit questionnaire
  3. Get a first answer in principle
  4. Build the file with the requested supporting documents
  5. Date and sign the credit contract received
  6. Send supporting documents and contract
  7. Obtain a definitive positive response following the study of the file
  8. Receive money on your account

Even if this process can be technically simplified thanks to online credit (dematerialization of the sending of proof, electronic signature), it generally takes at least 7 days between the credit request and the receipt of funds. In any case, the Law provides for a credit withdrawal period of at least 7 days.

So never believe the promises of an express loan in less than a week. Legally, no organization is able to transfer funds from a consumer credit before the eighth day following the date of acceptance of the contract.

The Truth About Fast Credit

immediate response credit is a system for requesting credit online via a form, which results in an immediate credit advice.

  • If the answer is ” refused ” or ” under study ” or similar, the credit request will go no further. The file simply does not pass.
  • If the answer is ” agreement in principle ” or ” favorable opinion “, it means that the credit is granted subject to final validation after the study of the credit documents.

All credit involves verification of identity but also of financial resources. There is no fast credit without proof of income or identity.

Operation of a credit with immediate response

To provide a first response immediately, the credit organizations have set up a system that automatically calculates the probability that the file will be unpaid or not after a certain time. They are therefore based on all the data filled in the credit questionnaire and what they have observed historically.

There are also stricter rules that trigger refusals such as being registered with the Banque de France or having too much debt.

Why is it essential to get an immediate response to a credit request?

Obviously, when you need money or want to carry out a project, knowing if you will be able to concretize quickly is essential. But getting credit with an immediate response is even more essential for another reason. Indeed, banks can tend to offer large promotions with very attractive rates to attract a lot of requests but ultimately only accept the best files.

To overcome this problem, our credit comparator is not limited to ranking the best loans according to the taeg rate. After completing our credit questionnaire, customers not only get the ranking of the best offers but also an immediate response in real time from the cheapest organization. It is the answer of principle without engagement that provides us the cheapest credit organization. As if the customer had made the request directly to him.

The advantage? It is that in case of refusal, the customer can request the organization classified second with a single click. Again, this is a credit with immediate response without commitment. And it is the same for the organization ranked third. In this way, it is easy to know what better rate everyone’s file can get. This system responds well to an urgent credit request.

Final answer for a credit request

Final answer for a credit request

After obtaining a first agreement in principle, the credit organization sends a contract. He sends it by mail but he can also do it by mail sometimes. You must then date and sign this contract.

But the most important thing in the credit file is to prepare the requested credit documents. It is generally the identity document, a pay slip, the tax notice, a proof of address, a bank statement and a bank details. These documents will be used to verify that the information provided in the credit form is correct and that they do not notice any other problems.

On the basis of this in-depth study, the credit with immediate response without commitment will turn into credit granted definitively. The funds will take another 24 to 72 hours before arriving on the customer’s bank account.